Anjali Pandit

Fashion Designer, Karnal

Dear sir, I would like to appreciate your efforts which you all have made to make my resume & Cover letter. I hope now I can find good opportunities across the countries. I would like to say thank you to you all once again for your best work & I am happy to provide your contact numbers to others also who are looking for a good opportunity in world & companies are denying them because of their resumes because their resumes are not in order. Thank You once again!

Karandeep Singh

Accounts & Finance Professional, Etanagar

Everything is ok in it and one has to appreciate the efforts that you have put and I am sure this CV is going to create good impact over the recruiters.

Navdeep Saini

Sales Professional Telecom Industry, Bokaro

I received my resume and cover letter and think they look terrific. Thank you very much for the terrific job you have done. I feel much more confident as I undertake my job search.

Ankita Thapa

Human Resource Professional, Gurugram

Apropos to our discussion, I would once again like to thank you and rather compliment you for coming up with such a good cv for me. It was like you created something really concrete and fruitful from almost nothing. I remember, when I first met you with my cv and saw your reaction. Frankly, I was also not contented with my cv. I knew that it was slightly outdated and lacked a lot of things but then I really didn’t know what to do much about it till I met you. Believe me, Mr Roshan Dev all those sessions regarding my cv that I have spent with you, really were an eye-opener. To put it very straight, till I met you, my self-confidence and confidence in my CV were like 4 on a yardstick of 10 which now has shot up to almost double i.e 8 and this is not an overstatement. There were a lot of hidden things that you explored and came out with. I was finally very content. I would once again like to thank you for being such good support.

Brij Mohan Sharma

IT Professional, Noida

Just wanted to thank all of you for a brilliant job done on my CV. My new CV has been praised a lot by everyone and as a result I have got a new job, so keep up the good work and wish you all success.

Seema Pandey

Educationist, Jabalpur

The overall experience was good. The staff was cooperative and helpful.

Deepak Kumar Gulati

Chartered Accountant, Ludhiana

Thanks a lot for all your efforts in putting my experiences in a structured format. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sangeeta Sain

Educationist, Kota

Hi Satish, Thank you and your colleagues for doing such a great job on my CV. I have another CV which also needs your immediate attention.

Ashish Jain

Industrial Sales Professional, Pune

I am thankful for your services as I was successful in the job selection. The work was really commendable and important for me as it was a vital part of the job selection. I will certainly pass on the word and will surely use your services for any future requirements.

Anjali Verma

Helicopter Pilot, Hyderabad

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Sonam Haldankar

Pharma Research, Baroda

Having been out of work for 18 months due to a back injury I was unsure how to approach my CV. Professional CV writers helped me with both my CV and my confidence in applying for jobs that my skills matched. Fantastic company and people I can't recomened enough or offer enough thanks to them.

Amit Sachdeva

Creative Designer, Mumbai

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Mahmoud Karim

Electronics Engineer, Gurgaon

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Ashish Elangovan

Vice President - IT , Bengaluru

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