M/s Professional Resumes is a reputed Resume Writing organisation of India which is engaged in creating world-class Professional Resumes for all industries and all job functions. One of the mission of M/s Professional Resumes ( is for imbibing high standards of business ethics and organisational values.Having a fraud policy is a critical tool in communicating organisation’s stance and processes in respect to fraud and how it will be dealt with.

In the recent past, it has been observed that there are many fly-by-night companies operating online which lure job-seekers by offering services at very cheap rates and then disappear after receiving customer’s payment. Because of such fraudsters, there is a question mark on this entire industry, which actually works day and night to facilitate job-seekers with quality resumes.

Important question is how to avoid Résumé Writing Scams?

Finding the right company is simple and can be tracked by following ways:

    1. Open and type “whois”
    3. On the right-side top enter the website from which you are planning to take the service of resume writing
    4. Proceed ahead by clicking on green tab ‘whois’
    5. You will be able to see the website Registration Date, such as :“Registered On: 2013-03-07”
    6. Key Point : With the actual years of existence in the business, you can easily gain faith and confidence on the company searched for. A company which has been existence for so many years will usually not do fraud or close the business and run-away. The longer is the tenure of the existence; more is the confidence of the customer.

If you're struggling to get your résumé in tip-top shape, then it might be time to call in some professional help. Before you hire a résumé writer, though, make sure you don't fall victim to a scam instead.

If you do a web search for "resume writing services" you'll come across all kinds of sites, including those which are paying heavily to Google to run ads. Double check of these websites, and avoid companies which are having ‘Less Age’ on whois, as these are recently registered websites and may not last for long. These might connect you to malware instead of a helpful person you want to hire. Some of those appearing in organic search that you see might seem too good to be true - and they often are.


All individuals are requested to note that this Fraud Prevention Policy is mentioned to strengthen the overall fraud risk management framework of Resume Writing Industry and must be seen in the same light and not otherwise. This note is not intended to promote or malign the image of any brand / organisation but only to create awareness among the general public.

Our terms of use and policy page should be considered the master document when it comes to our policy pages. These are the pages that will be updated first if any policies are changed. If there is ever conflicting information between this page and our terms of use page, the terms of use page always takes precedence.